Retail Reimagined

Completely customisable short-term spaces for you to boost your brand

Why Hawker Spaces?

We provide retail and activation spaces in high traffic retail precincts for you to use to help boost your brand. Walk in to a completely personalised space to sell your products or host your launch parties, with absolutely everything already taken care of – from the latest of tech to retail furniture; Square point of sale hardware; WiFi; a stock room; change rooms and restrooms - plus all legalities.

Use the design functionality on our website to customise the layout of your space; upload digital imagery and videos, as well as your personalised playlist. We’ll do the rest.

With flexible booking options, Hawker Spaces are retail spaces designed to empower you.


Create a huge impact with our floor to ceiling digital projection onto the rear feature wall plus six, two metre high HD digital screens integrated into the side walls and front window.

Utilise our comprehensive in-store analytics such as people counters that track the volume of foot traffic during your tenancy and heat mapping technology that analyses the movement of your customers within the space – how long they stay in different parts of the store; where they spend most of their time and what products are attracting the most attention.

These analytics provide invaluable insights into customer behaviour, so you can make data-driven decisions on how your stores can be optimised in future – from layout to product offering – to enhance the overall customer experience.


Fashion brands enjoy huge success with our spaces, experiencing sales targets that exceed
expectations plus reduced set-up and pack-down times.

Engage Hawker Spaces to help move end-of-season stock from your online store or launch new
products to market, providing customers with a tangible experience where they can touch and feel
your fashion, and try before they buy.

Product Launches & Events

Do you need a fully-customisable space in a highly sought-after area to host a VIP event to launch your new product? Look no further than Hawker Spaces.

Provide your guests with a fully-immersive experience by projecting your products onto our floor-to-ceiling LED screens while entertaining them with a cocktail-style event.Use our trading technology to build your database and keep customers for life!

Display Suites

The art of selling property is revolutionising: no longer do you need to build an expensive, bricks-and-
mortar display suite to move off-the-plan product.
Create a temporary, digital pop-up apartment with Hawker Spaces: project floor plans onto our two
metre screens; display high-res external and internal renders onto our rear wall and showcase videos
of local attractions.

Fit out the retail space with colour boards showcasing fixtures and fittings so customers can visualise
how their new home or investment property will be presented.

The perfect and inexpensive solution for your sales people to shine.

Ready to activate your brand?

Get started by booking and designing a flexible space for your activity today.