About Hawker Spaces

Hawker Spaces' is reimagining retail. Our vision is to unlock the potential of flexible spaces and change the way traditional retail spaces are used and leased.

The pandemic has permanently changed the way we do business. Today’s consumers are looking for more interactive retail experiences. Businesses are demanding affordable and flexible ways to deliver on their omni-channel retail strategies. At the same time, commercial renters have empty shops and are looking for someone to lease them out.

Even before the pandemic, a lot of businesses were struggling with the difficult decision of binding themselves to restrictive leases or lose thousands of dollars in potential in-store sales.

To help fix this complex dilemma, the three founders who each professionally worked in advertising, audio visual and commercial leasing, joined forces to create Hawker Spaces. Hawker spaces is a retail technology business. The digital tools built into Hawker Spaces set them apart from the competition and provide both the client and their customers with a retail experience like no other.

Hawker Spaces have developed their flexible leasing model on a win-win concept, benefiting both clients and landlords, offering clients the chance to expand their business and renters to fill vacancies.  

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